Our new Choco Passion store in Verdun’s quaint Wellington Village is a feast for the eyes, a treat for the nose, and a regular stop for any self-respecting chocolate lover. Along with our famous branded chocolates and bars, you’ll find delightful surprises such as our amazing chocolate pearls, chocolate-coated almonds, yummy fudge, marshmallow brooms and marzipan creatures…not to mention a variety of sweet jams, caramel spreads and high-quality dark or milk-chocolate pistoles for chefs. Our latest addition and a must-try is our new frosty SORBET, just in time for the hot days of summer. Thirsty for more? Try our hot chocolate, gourmet Cappucino or Expresso beverages, available to enjoy in-store or to buy for home consumption. Organic and free-trade products include chocolate and coffee beans.

5019, Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1Y1
T (438) 383-9995

“Our passion is chocolate, and our dream is to share it with the world, one chocolate lover at a time.”

New Cocoa Supplier

When it comes to quality chocolate, the end product is only as good as the ingredients, and the skilled people who handle it along the way, from point A to point B. From the thousands of farmers who grow the cocoa beans, to the skilled team that designs our incredible edibles, this is a labor of love. We seek out and work with fair-trade suppliers, keep an eye on responsible use of our resources, and consider the environment in our wrapping and production decisions. Whether it’s making sure the cocoa is distributed efficiently or choosing the freshest ingredients available, we do it all for you, our customers. Recently, chocolatiers Johanne and Jean-Luc visited a number of cocoa plantations on behalf of Concept Chocolat. In Peru, they found a supplier who meets the growing needs of the company, and whose chocolate tablets met the company’s exacting standards: Bio-equitable, fair trade and superior-quality goods for all of us, the planet, and the future.

Creative Customization

Edible is incredible! Especially when you’re handing out quality-chocolate business cards or other items. Your logo, our ideas, with an irresistible end result.

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