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Chocolate Connaisseurs

As chocolate lovers know, there’s always a bit of mystery surrounding the perfect chocolate consistency, flavor, concentration and texture. One bite tells all – and the team at Concept Chocolat is out to please the most discriminating chocolate-lover out there; even amateurs can appreciate the depth of difference. One taste will convince you; this is GREAT chocolate. If you need further convincing, rest assured that our cocoa is bought from reliable sources and under fair-trade agreements wherever possible. It is then lovingly prepared in state-of-the-art modern facilities, respecting all practical environmental considerations.

IN THE AREA? Pop into our store-front area and see what’s up … there’s always something new and irresistible to take home and enjoy. Place an order, pick up your favorite treats, or come just for the chocolate aromatherapy!


The Maitre

Jean-Luc in Peru holding a fresh cocoa plant exposing the beans.

Jean-Luc Esnault, Chocolatier

Now executive chef and owner of Concept Chocolat, Jean-Luc Esnault arrived in Canada over 30 years ago after completing his pastry studies in Europe and working in France for a decade. When he began dreaming of wide open spaces and green forests, he set his sights on Quebec. He operated his first bakery, situated centrally in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, and ran it for 20 years, building a reputation for superior Viennese pastries. Success allowed him to open a second store, in the west end of the city, called “Patisserie de la gare”, which still exists under new ownership.

Always on the lookout for a new challenge, Esnault’s focus turned to chocolate. As he quickly became an expert with this delicious ingredient, the demand for his home-made chocolates grew and the search for an appropriate factory began. Today, he continues to innovate and experiment in the creative boutique housed in the new facility. “My whole journey up until now has led to this moment,” said Jean-Luc, “and it feels very natural that I should be applying all the lessons I have learned to create the perfect chocolate bite, that perfect silky moment of heaven in your mouth.”

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In Montreal, Jean-Luc found both his professional passion and the love of his life, Johanne, who works with the Concept Chocolat team in a customer service capacity.


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