A Love Affair With Chocolate

The art of making chocolate is 4,000 years old, and quality chocolate has earned a place in our collective hearts. Chocolate evokes more emotion than any other food known to mankind; in 1753 it was dubbed “The food of the gods”, and is generally known to be “more than a food, less than a drug.” In fact, modern science supports the health benefits of dark chocolate. Once again, chocolate proves its worthiness, as our love affair continues into the 21st century.

Concept Chocolat is proud to be one of a few expert chocolatiers serving the fine palates of chocolate lovers in North America. From our modern facility in Montreal, Canada, we lovingly and skillfully produce and provide high-end chocolate products to local retailers, restaurateurs and other businesses. We employ and respect traditional and time-honored recipes, using only the finest ingredients to ensure best-quality results, while embracing new and innovative ways to enjoy this unique gourmet treat.

Using cocoa from around the world, Concept Chocolat offers a wide variety of organic chocolate collections, baking decorations, a line of fresh-fruit jams and unique caramel spreads, as well as consumer all-time favorites, such as our popular Honey Moons. We watch trends within the industry and are always coming up with new ways to enjoy this ancient delight. Be sure to visit our web site often to see what’s new or try a recipe. Call any time to place an order for fast delivery.


“Our passion is chocolate, and our dream is to share
it with the world, one chocolate lover at a time.”



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